At the Root

  Within the past year, I have spent time working on projects which focused on the effects of racism and aspects of Black life that connected to the larger image of shared experiences and generational ties. This summer, I expected to take a break from extensively focusing on so many negative events. I expected to have the chance to step back, relax, and restore.

Instead, I woke up to sunshine, continuous footage, and reports of Black & Brown people being killed by the police. These publicly shown deaths are only the tip of the iceberg. Creating this map was a way for me to visually depict the relentlessly overwhelming events that keep me constantly worried about my family, my friends, and myself.

There are 61 people represented on this map, yet this is only a small percentage of an unknown number since cops have the option to “self-report officer-involved shootings”. In actuality, there are hundreds of other people who have been traumatized, abused, and killed by the police.

At the Root Box1.png


Surrounding the map are 61 short bios and information about each case and person killed.

At the Root  Box2.png